DAK NGO was established in the continuity of the Nabad Program

Nabad is a cross-cultural Palestinian-Lebanese intervention and outreach program of Dar al Kalima University that was launched in 2020 in response to the Beirut port explosion to support local artists and creative enterprises. The success of the program led to the establishment of DAK NGO in Lebanon to address the growing needs of the arts and culture communities, and pursue opportunities for partnerships.

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DAK NGO’s Mission Is Driven By A Deep Conviction In The Arts And Culture’s Civic, 
Educational, Therapeutic, Economic, Political, And Personal Values

Established in December 2022 in Lebanon, DAK NGO is an organization devoted to raising public knowledge and awareness of the importance and impact of the arts and culture across Lebanon and in the region of Southwestern Asia and North Africa (SWANA) and to support marginalized communities and vulnerable groups and individuals through the arts and culture.

DAK NGO’s mission is to help make the arts and culture accessible to ALL, an ongoing part of public discourse, and a crucial component of local/regional populations lives. In addition, DAK NGO’s mission is to help empower artists, creative enterprises, and cultural practitioners to lead individual & community transformation and build inclusive societies.

Our Goals


Producing, promoting, and supporting the arts and culture.


Preserving cultural heritage.


Fostering cultural dialogue toward inclusive societies.


Providing training in the arts and culture.

Our Vision

Building sustainable, inclusive, and creative societies in Lebanon and Southwestern Asia & North Africa, using the arts and culture as one of the main drivers for a multilevel change facing the ongoing crises.

Become a member

DAK NGO focuses on the arts and culture in Lebanon and the Southwestern Asian & North African regions. With the help of our members, we can provide a variety of activities such as exhibitions, performances, and educational workshops.

We welcome a diversity of profiles regardless of age, gender, or experience. Joining us is a great way to explore your creativity and make a difference in the community.